Travel Capsule Wardrobe Alaska Cruise

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Alaska Cruise Edition:

Packing Light for an Alaska Cruise and visit to Vancouver in the Summer

In my younger days, packing involved grabbing everything I even thought I might want to wear out of my closet and cramming it, hanger and all, into the biggest suitcase I could find. These days, after a lot of travel, both personal and professional, my packing looks significantly different. Many times I travel with only a carry-on, and other times I don’t, but I love the ease and flexibility of packing a relatively small number of garments that can be made into many more outfits. While I certainly don’t wear all of the possible outfits, I love having choices and not being locked into one specific outfit per day. I love having the flexibility to dress appropriately (and well!) for unplanned activities. My goal is always to be able to style each garment as part of at least 3 outfits. Occasionally I’ll give myself a pass for an item that is more “specialized”, but I still find at least 2 possible ways to wear it. Like I said, I don’t always wear each thing three times, but look for at least three possibilities.  The thing is, I don’t like boring. While I appreciate the versatility of the gray-black-white capsule wardrobe, it is just not my style. I also don’t want to feel like I’m wearing the same things day after day.

I ran across [this] great blog, and was inspired by M.K. to try creating similar travel capsule wardrobes for myself. Based on [this post] I packed for our early spring trip to Europe, and was very happy with the outfits I ended up with.

Our next adventure is a 8 day cruise to Alaska. Naturally, I wanted to follow the same method when designing a travel capsule wardrobe Alaska Cruise style. But wow, this was more of a challenge! The cruise itself is 8 days, and each of those days I’ll need a casual outfit for day and a dressier one for dinner, with two more formal dinners. During the day, some days we’ll be staying on the ship, and other days we will be off the ship exploring and doing activities, for example whale watching, hiking, kayaking, or dog sledding (on a glacier!). We’ll also be spending a few days before and after the cruise exploring Vancouver.  Fun, right?! We are super excited! But, the widely varying climates and activities make efficient packing a bit more difficult. And I don’t want to wear wintry clothes even though some of our destinations will be cooler. Oh, and did I mention that I love color and pattern? Not to worry! I’ve got this covered.

Travel capsule wardrobe Alaska Cruise


Travel capsule wardrobe Alaska Cruise Outfits

Looking for these (or similar) pieces for yourself? Try the links below.


Brown belt: from TJMaxx, similar, similar

Black dangle earrings: from local boutique, similar, similar

Gold filigree earrings: from local boutique, similar, similar

Mint dangle earring: purchased in Venice, similar, similar

Gold layered necklace: from local boutique, similar, similar

Yellow bead necklace: same

White bubble necklace: similar, similar

Anchor scarf: from local boutique, similar

Mint scarf: from Wantable, similar, similar

Gold watch: from local boutique, similar

Teal Elisha Zipper Accent Satchel, Urban Expressions: from Stitch Fix, similarsimilarsimilar



Chambray polka dot button up, J. Crew: same, similar

White denim jacket, Charlotte Russe: similar, similar

White Ulimate Skinny Jeans, Calvin Klein: from TJMaxx, same, same, similar

Black Marissa Crops, Loft: similar, similar

White lace detail tee: similar, similar

Black lace overlay blouse, Ann Taylor: similar

Navy knit blazer with striped detailing, 41Hawthorn Benson Ruched Sleeve Blazer: from Stitch fix, similar, similar

Mint jeans, Lauren Conrad: similar, similar, similar

Modern Skinny dark wash jeans, Loft: similar, similar

Blue chiffon maxi skirt: same, inspired by similar from Stitch Fix

Blue cardi, Cabi: similar, similar

Market and Spruce Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top: from Stitch Fix, similar, similar, similar

Daniel Rainn Mosaic Mixed Material Tee: from Stitch Fix, similar, similar, similar

Orange geo-print tunic, 41Hawthorn Moni Stud Blouse: from Stitch Fix, similar, similar



Uggs Topsiders: similar

Navy crochet Toms: same

Closed toe espadrille wedges, Lands End: similar, similar, similar

Brown waterproof riding boots, Clarks: same


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