Sun Basket Review Meal #1

In case you missed the first post in this series, I decided to give a few meal delivery subscription services, Plated, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Sun Basket a try and see how they worked out. Head back here and here to see what’s going on.

Sun Basket Review Meal #1: Masala-Spiced Turkey Kebabs with Cashew Chutney

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First off, let me just say that this is the first meal delivery box of the many I’ve tried that contained an egg.  Not liquid egg.  An actual egg.  It was encased in a protective container, and most importantly, intact!  Aside from that, another difference I noticed with Sun Basket was that the recipes are ordered a little differently.  With the other services we tried (Home Chef, Plated, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh), the recipe card almost always begins by having you complete all of the prep work for the veggies, and then moves into the recipe.  Sun Basket on the other hand integrates the prep of the veggies with the step of the recipe that they belong to.  This method more closely aligns with the way I typically cook anyway.  However, I think it would be a bit more difficult for less experienced cooks to keep up with the pace of the recipe without doing the prep work in advance.  It’s really personal preference either way.

So all that being said, the first step was to finely chop the caulflower into rice-sized pieces.  A food processer was recommended, but I didn’t feel like digging it out.  I used by pampered chef chopper instead (in batches) and it worked fantastically.

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The cauliflower-rice went into a saute pan to cook, and was prep and assembly of the kebob ingredients– chopping, juicing, and zesting.
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The turkey went in next, and after mixing the mixture well with my hands, it was ready to make into kebobs.  The directions said that I should shape the meat mixture and then “thread onto” the skewer, but it was much, much, much too wet for that.  There was NO way the raw mixture would stay on a skewer.  Instead, I shaped it as directed, but put it directly on the griddle, and THEN stuck the skewer in.  This worked just fine, and once cooked the skewers were secure.

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While these were cooking, I did a little more prep to finish up the chutney.  The chutney base arrived already assembled, but then lemon juice, serrano chilie, and fresh cilantro were added to brighten it up.

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The cauliflower got some final seasoning and fried shallots (which also arrived already prepared) and the dish was ready to plate.

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Overall, this recipe was really easy to prepare– if you didn’t try to stick strictly to the directions.  Some who are less comfortable improvising in the kitchen may have had more difficulty.


The cauliflower rice was SO good– I will be using this method frequently.  The kebobs were a bit dry and lacking in seasoning, but much improved by the chutney.

Serving Size:

2 adults and a smallish kiddo

Overall impression:

The kiddo really loved that the kebobs were like “turkey lollipops”, and we absolutely loved the cauliflower rice.  The kebobs had potential with some modifications, but weren’t our favorite.

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