Blue Apron Review #2

In case you missed the first post in this series, I decided to give a few meal delivery subscription services, Plated, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Home Chef a try and see how they worked out. Head back here and here to see what’s going on.

Blue Apron Meal Review #2: Orange Beef Lo Mein with Gai Lan and Napa Cabbage



Minimal.  Chopping, zesting, boiling.


First I browned the ground beef, then removed this from the pan and stir fried the veggies.  Just a side note here to say that I had no idea what Gai Lan was.  I still don’t, really, but it reminded me of a milder version of spinach.

While the veggies cooked, I cooked the noodles as instructed, then combined all the cooked components and served.



Easy.  It’s also a great, versatile method to learn.  About 20 minutes fridge to table.


Very PF Chang-ish (which is a compliment!)  I expected pieces of beef rather than ground beef when I selected this recipe, but the ground version worked really well and was more evenly distributed in each bite than sliced meat would have been.  The kiddo doesn’t usually like things that are “all mixed up”, so I saved out some of the cooked ground beef and plain noodles to put separately on her plate, and added some edamame.

Serving Size:

2 adult + 1 small kiddo serving

Overall impression:

Great taste, great method.  I like getting to try ingredients like Gai Lan that I could never, ever find in my rural grocery store.

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