This is a blog dedicated to getting the most out of life.  In our little family we have discovered so many things to enjoy together that one day we realized that it would be nice to share some of our discoveries with other people.  We didn’t begin with an idea for a blog and then start gathering material; we began by making the most of our time and resources so that we could extract every drop of goodness from the opportunities in our lives.  The more we talked about and shared our philosophy, the more we realized that the it all came together as more than the sum of its parts, and we wanted to try to put it all together with more cohesion than sporadic social media posts could provide.

There are three members of our team:

  • Katie
  • Brandon
  • and The Kiddo

We each want to share the wonder of discovery with whoever stumbles across our posts.  We hope we enjoy what you find, and that it might help you get more out of your life!



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